Friday, February 27, 2009

Gina Carano and Lara Croft

Lara croft is DEFINITELY more beautiful than Gina!

Dave Bautista and Marcus Fenix

They look stern-alike, a kind of man who you'll never mess with!

Edward Norton and Gordon Freeman

Put a glasses on this man, then he will be ready for cartooning!

John Cena and Donkey Kong

John Cena should fight with the Kong on the ring, I'm sure a lot of people agree with me!

Dakota Fanning and Little Sister

If just Dakota has more 'brighter' face...

Lucy Liu and Alyx Vance

I think the most elaborate resemblance is their lips. Agree?

Colin Ferrell and Nick Drake

I think the future career of this Irish actor is in game industry!

Cody Linley and Link

By the way... Who the f**k is Cody Linley?

Gerard Butler and Zangief

We must admit, that Zangief a lot cooler with his 'vast' area of hair in his chest!

Jason Statham and Nico Bellic

Even their unshaved beard looks the same! Amazing...

Josh Duhamel and Phoenix Wright

Even though I see no resemblance in their faces, but at least what they wear is a click!

Masi Oka and Tingle

Just like at their eyes! lol

Reginald Veljohnson and Doc Lewis

100% totally alike! Reginald's moustache is Doc's moustache!

Vin Diesel and Kratos

If just Vin Diesel have beard, he will be hails as Kratos in reality!

Tony Jaa and Liu Kang

Brother in six-pack community!

Reese Witherspoon and Princess Peach

The gown color is just the same, also the blonde hair. The different is reality and artificial...

Tom Selleck and Solid Snake

Black vs blonde. Totally alike including dimple!

Willem Dafoe and Ganondorf

Dafoe's face so alike with Ganondorf, just rid the green zone!

Woody Harrelson and Duke Nukem

If just Woody have a more slutty girl...
If just Duke have bigger gun...

Ving Rhames and Sgt. Johnson

With military wardrobe and hat, Ving Rhames totally alike with game figure Sgt. Johnson