Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Graf Claus von Stauffenberg and Tom Cruise

We know that the latest movie from Tom Cruise is Valkyrie, about the resistance movements against Hitler which came from his officers. Tom starred as Stauffenberg, German colonel. But when I saw both of them from the side angle, I know how alike they were!

Albert Speer and Friedrich 'Fritz' Allmacher

Albert Speer was one of Hitler's minister on his cabinet, and also his personal architect, while Friedrich 'Fritz' Allamcher was a recipient of Knight's Cross, the Germany high valor for bravery. I'm sure that in his young, Speer 'was' Allmacher!

Oberst Günther Lützow and Nick Nolte

If I see their resemblance, do you think that Nick nolte has a blood relation with this Nazi ace?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Walter Schuck and Justin Long

Movie star and master killer? Which one do you choose? Btw, Justin Long (not Timberlake!) is an actor on teenager movies, while Oberleutnant Walter Schuck was a German flying ace who shot down 200+ enemy planes...

Heinrich Ehrler and Hugo Weaving

You've seen Matrix trilogy? What about Lord of the Ring? If yes, you must be know the guy on the right! He is Hugo Weaving, British actor (at least, that's what I know about him. Sorry, no further research except if he is a hot chick!). Now, I found out that there's other guy who have a similar face. His name is Major Heinrich Ehrler, great Nazi flying ace who shot down 200+ enemy planes!

Maximilian von Weichs and Donald Rumsfeld

Yeah, this dude (Rumsfeld, I mean) from Bush's hordes is one of 'real tyran' of the modern world, and what a 'coinsidence' that he have a twin brother from Nazi, Generalfeldmarschall Maximilian von Weichs. Look, how totally alike they were!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Iran and The Onion

Has anyone noticed the similarity between The Islamic Republic of Iran's sign and The Onion's logo? (The Onion is America's award-winning satirical publication). Maybe The Onion take their symbol from Iran sign, or reverse?

Dolly The Sheep and Albert Einstein

Has anyone noticed the similarity between Dolly the Sheep, who became famous as the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, and famous scientist Albert Einstein? Do you think they were related?

Sean Connery and Ayatollah Khomeini

If Iranian want to make the movie about their Ayatollah, just pick James Bond! Just need a longer beard, though...

Hans-Joachim Marseille and Joaquin Phoenix

For your information, Hauptmann Hans-Joachim Marseille was a famous fighter pilot from Germany in the World War II who scored 158 air victories! He was also famous for his very handsome face, with a very great life story! I wonder, why that those guys in the Hollywood industry doesn't make the film about this great man. And if they do, it's not a hard thing to find the actor, just choose Joaquin Phoenix!

Richard Reimann and Richard Burton

One of history's greatest coincident! Famous Hollywood actor, former husband of Elizabeth Taylor (twice) now have a twin brother, who recently revealed... By me! :-) And to make this matter more interesting, his name also Richard! Richard Burton and Richard Reimann, who's the most handsome?

Willy Albrecht and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Yeah, I hope this soccer star find this blog and know that he have a Nazi twin! Hauptmann der Reserve, what about that, Zlatan?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Karl Göbel and Ernest Borgnine

OK, I know he is old actor and anybody who is born recently don't even know his 'weird' name. But give as u break! We only posted Ernest Borgnine because there's someone who totally alike with him, and he is Generalmajor Karl Göbel from Hitlerite German! It's worth it, right?

Hot Girl and Cute Cat

Everybody, it's time to sport! Your new instructor... well, he is a cat! But don't worry, his crunchy assisstant will make you stay till the end!

Adelbert Schulz and Alex Baldwin

Just a snap, than you will see how alike they were! Alex Baldwin, of course, he is the famous actor isn't, or... Famous husband? About Adelbert Schulz, he was one of so decorated Generalmajor from Germany at World War II, one of only 27 best soldiers who received Germany's highest valor, Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamond (what a long name for medal)!

Erwin Jaenecke and Daniel Craig

If James Bond fought the Nazis, I think he would shocked to saw his twin brother there... A general! General der Pioniere Erwin Jaenecke and Daniel Craig is so alike, including the jaws!

Nikolaus von Vormann and Dwight David Eisenhower

Same with the previous alike, this two man was a bitter enemy on World War II. I'm sure that anybody know the second figure. But what about the first one? He was a decorated General der Panzertruppe from Germany. Have they met each other?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Otto-Hoffmann von Waldau and Douglas MacArthur

They were so resemblance each other!In reality, Fieldmarshall Douglas MacArthur was a bitter enemy with Nazi Luftwaffe General der Flieger, Otto-Hoffmann von Waldau. But, we never know about their truly relation... Family?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gauleiter Friedrich Karl Florian and Manfred von Richthofen

Friedrich Karl Florian was a Nazi Gauleiter, while Manfred von Richthofen... You must know him! He was the most famous flying ace from World War I who shot down 80 of his enemy's planes. With the typically stern German face, plus the coat and hat, they're really look the same!

Barack Obama and Ilham Anas

The first one, of course you allready know. But the second one? His name is Ilham Anas, a photographer in the local newspaper at Jakarta, Indonesia. Do you know that Barack Obama's childhood had been spend in Indonesia? Is this one of his far-far away relative?

Now Ilham Anas is also famous because his face, and he showed-up on Philippine commercial!

Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin

What ever they say about Hitler, I think he was a funny guy, especially if you look in his moustache! I wonder... Did he copied Charlie Chaplin?