Monday, January 26, 2009

Hans-Joachim Marseille and Joaquin Phoenix

For your information, Hauptmann Hans-Joachim Marseille was a famous fighter pilot from Germany in the World War II who scored 158 air victories! He was also famous for his very handsome face, with a very great life story! I wonder, why that those guys in the Hollywood industry doesn't make the film about this great man. And if they do, it's not a hard thing to find the actor, just choose Joaquin Phoenix!


Anonymous said...

The Film was maked,by Joachim Hansen as Marseille, with the title of "Star of Africa".

Rick said...

I would hardly call ANYONE who fought on the side of the Germans in World War II a hero.

Richie said...

You would have to read about Marseille to understand. This man had a black man as one of his best friends while he was in africa. Unusual even for a service man in the US army. He was very different. Like a playboy kid. It was too bad that this terrible war happened.

Richie said...

One more thing. That is a terrible picture of Marseille LOL. That is a typical Nazi propaganda picture trying to benefit from him.
Much better picture here.

Anonymous said...

You are thinking just like me WOW !

That was the first thing which struck me when I saw Hans Joachim
and Joaquin Phoenix.

Even their names resemble.

This is not coincidence.
There must be a deeper connection.

Hans Joachim has re-incarnated as Hollywood actor Joaquin Phoenix.

I have no doubts there !

BTW I admire both men immensely

Vijay Simha

Anonymous said...

they only resemble each other slightly in this picture, at this angle. if you see marseille en profile, there is no resemblance at all. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hey rick Germany had a lot of heroes at that time. Not everyone was bad. A lot of those guys were fighting for there country just like our guys. Respect them.

Anonymous said...

I just left the respect comment above. My name is Tommy. It wont let me sign in